Only yellowing bud sites

Can anyone help me with this problem, I have some plants where just the bud sites are yellowing then turning white, its not strain specific, My temps are 78 to 80 with 500 to 600 ppm of co2 humidity is at 65%, I use advanced sensi grow and bloom, big bud, bud candy use revive sometimes. I have plenty of fresh air exchange, air is replaced every 6.5 minutes. Dont know whats going on please help.


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A picture under regular light could help a lot.

But it sounds like you have your lights too close.

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Are your lights new or too close? I have had something similar that resulted from the lights being a bit too close. Interestingly, the color change appears to be functionally cosmetic as trichome development appears to proceed normally.


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It is known as photoinhibition or referred to as light bleaching.

It does stop chlorophyll production and therefore can reduce the potential potency in the bleached areas.

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I grow an Animal Cookies cultivar that exhibit the same phenomenon when the lights are too close. Some strains are more susceptible to photoinhibition than others.

Check out this pic I took last year of the buds. They looked like ghosts! I saved the bleached buds in a jar until Halloween. It was cool to pull out a jar of pure white “ghost buds” and trip people out on Hallows Eve!



I’m not refuting anything here, in fact I believe photoinhinbition to be the problem.

Macg and I have talked about this before so I’m throwing it out there for discussion but I have read about “trichome stacking” before

Just wanted to see you guys thoughts


I have seen this article before.

I assume they might not be considering other factors. But then again the trichomes and cannabinoids inside are supposed to be to protect the plant from too much UV, too much light in general might kind of trigger a similar response.

However I’d bet if the same strain is grown under the same type of light with all other conditions the same, the non bleached buds will actually have overall higher THC content.

Now this doesn’t mean it won’t have any THC or won’t get you really high, it is just everything we know about chlorophyll and the biology of how the plant produces THC, for the most part the article seems very counterintuitive. Also it doesn’t state and specific testing methods to confirm any of the claims.

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Thanks guys for all your help I will raise up the lights and see if that works, if not I will be back