Optimal Air Flow Rate for AutoPot AirDomes?

Apologies in advance for posting a question before having properly introduced myself (which I’ll do sooner rather than later!).

I’m trying to determine the optimal (or at least minimum recommended) air flow rate required by the AirDomes I have installed in an AutoPot setup in one of my rooms:



AutoPot literature suggests “Ask your local supplier for advice on the size of air pump required when setting up your AirDome(s)”. I did. They didn’t know. I also wrote to AutoPot USA. No response, regrettably. I will next contact AutoPot HQ in the UK … that’s where the R&D seems to be done.

If anyone has any experience with AirDomes in AutoPots, I’ll be grateful for any words of wisdom re appropriate air pump selection.

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Hey @Dr_Shaw sorry to hear you didn’t get a response from APUSA, do let me know how you contacted them and I’ll check the info is getting through on our end.

So, for the airdromes, we recommend 15gal of air per dome per hour. If you have 8 pots you will need a 120gal per hour pump.

Place the root control sheet into the base of the pot, sit the dome on top and then cover the dome with clay pebbles/perlite/GrowStones until just the last 1/2" of the dome is showing. Then ensure that you’re using a well aerated substrate to allow the air to distribute evenly through the pot. Mixing soil or coco with 50% pebbles/perlite/GrowStones works well.

Any further questions, please let me know. All the best.


Perfect! Thank you very much for your thorough and prompt response!

I belong to a group of growers using BC Northern Lights (www.bcnorthernlights.com) grow boxes as part of our rooms. Several of us have begun converting our boxes from hydro to 3.9 gal AutoPots with good outcomes to date.

We have recently also become interested in the specs and projected availability/costing (Canadian) for the new “Auto8” that I stumbled upon on Instagram. Any details will be most welcome!

FYI, I had used the “Ask Josh” page to submit my original question to AutoPot-USA:

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Ah, yes. “Project 8” :wink:

We’re working on a few of these tray systems, they are designed for commercial clients who are cultivating on rolling benches or racks. At the moment, they are ‘made to order’, however the 8 pot is certainly a great option for the home growers. It sits in a 4’x2’ footprint, would that fit the grow box?

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