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Orange county CA, Growers

Anyone in in Orange County need help with their grow?? Looking for experience not money at the moment… i have a grow of my own but its small and I would love to learn as much as I can.


Stick here for awhile and grow as a grower lol share some pics and show what your working with bro… i grew up on the beaches of Newport and Huntington surfing and skating and blazing


Hello @oc_growz!

I’m also a first time grower & in OC, I’m learning on my own thru my grow as well and I’d love to share my experience if I am able to help. I have my grow journal here on GN if your interested in my grow progression. What is your concern at the moment?

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I just feel as if im constantly either overdoing it or under doing it with nutes… Also diagnosing certain things is hard for me

May I ask what medium your growing in & what nutes are you feeding your plants?

Im using roots oragnic soil, and am feeding sensi A and B grow by advanced nutrients, silicium, and N.u.t.s and vitamin b by mad farmer

I’m also a grower in OC but I only have 2 grows under my belt. Good luck Man

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I’m definitely still learning and figuring things out as I’m progressing thru my grow. I mostly nutes with half dose as recommended and adjust weekly as necessary. It’s been crazy hot in OC these couple days, having good AC/ fan in the room/tent might help with circulating fresh air. You have photos or images of your grow you can post up and maybe that way we all can see the issue.

I’m on week 5 of flowing and i’ve noticed my top fan leaves are turning and dying, not sure what is going on if it is normal or nutes issue as well? jtobidon First Grow stick around the forum and wait a bit, possibly answers or feedback from GN members.