Orangutans Use Plant Extracts to Treat Pain

Not directly related to cannabis per se, but I thought it would be fun on Science Friday (ok, shush, we’re not NPR) to point out that some of our close relatives in the animal kingdom also use medicinal plant extracts.



Interesting read, Thanks Hunter


When I was young I had horses and they often pastured with cattle. I’d sit for hours watching all of the animals eat. When the cattle were deficient in vitamins they’d suck or lick the metal gate. “The farmer’s eye fattens the cow” and so that was their sign to get a mineral block out into the field.

Animals are so amazing. In fact, my dog is 11 and having liver issues. I was making beets on the weekend and she devoured every bit I gave her. Beets are one of the best liver cleansers and detoxifyers we can find. This big brain of ours is too full to listen to the instincts the way animals do. In many ways, I wonder which is better? To be instinctively wise or to be scholastically wise.

Thanks for sharing this!