Oregon Sales Statistics January 2018

Summary – Sales in Oregon’s dispensaries reached $39.1 million in January, a 21 percent increase from the previous January. Compared to December 2017, Adult use and Medical sales experienced a combined seasonal decline of eight percent. Sales to adults 21 and over grew 26 percent in January compared to the previous January while sales to medical patients increased just two percent.

The sales of flower/bud generated $18.3 million in revenue in January, a six percent decline from the previous January. A decline in flower revenues can be misleading as the volume of flower sales increased 25 percent from the previous January, but those increases were offset by a 25 percent decline in the average retail selling price per gram.

Concentrate sales in January increased 57 percent from the previous year, reaching $10.3 million. The concentrates category contributed 26 percent of revenues in January. Vape sales contributed 69 percent of concentrate sales in January and enjoyed an 82 percent jump in sales compared to the previous year. Dabbable concentrates including Live Resin, Shatter, and Wax all enjoyed strong double and triple digit growth from the previous January.

With $5.7 million in sales in January, sales of edibles grew an impressive 92 percent from the previous year. The bulk of the growth was contributed by candy and tinctures which both enjoyed sales growth of 207 and 141 percent respectively.

January sales volume and change from previous month and previous year:

Category January Sales Growth from December 2017 Growth from January 2017
Flower: $18.3M -3% -6%
Pre-Rolls: $2.8M -7% 52%
Concentrates: $10.3M -9% 57%
• Live Resin: $351K -12% 102%
• Oils: $597K -12% -2%
• Shatter: $1.1M 5% 52%
• Vape: $7M -9% 82%
• Wax: $279K 16% 144%
Edibles: $5.7M -14% 92%
• Beverages: $123K -17% 175%
• Candy: $2.9M -13% 207%
• Chocolates: $944K -22% -22%
• Infused Foods: $263K -13% 76%
• Pills: $143K -12% 75%
• Tinctures: $1.3M -10% 141%
Topicals: $603K -25% 82%

–Dawne Morris
Passion Pusher