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Oregon Sales Statistics March 2018

Summary – Sales in Oregon’s dispensaries reached $42.7 million in March, a 33 percent increase from the previous March. Compared to February 2018, Adult use and Medical sales combined experienced seasonal sales growth of 10 percent. Sales to adults 21 and over grew 44 percent in March compared to the previous year, while sales to medical patients declined 9 percent.

The sales of flower/bud generated $18 million in revenue in March, a five percent decline from the previous March. The decline in flower sales was driven by lower retail prices. On average, a gram of flower in March 2018 sold for 27 percent less than the previous year. The lower prices helped boost demand as flower sales grew 31 percent by volume from the previous year.

Concentrate sales in March increased 67 percent from the previous year, reaching $12 million.Compared to February, concentrate sales grew 12 percent. Consistent growth in concentrates has lead to increasing share of revenues. In March, 28 percent of revenues from Oregon dispensaries were from concentrates.
With $6.9million in sales in March, sales of edibles continue to increase in popularity, growing 71 percent from the previous year.

March sales volume and change from previous month and previous year:

Category March Sales Growth from February 2018 Growth from March 2017
Flower: $18M 4% -5%
Pre-Rolls: $3.3M 18% 67%
Concentrates: $12M 12% 67%
• Live Resin: $480K 45% 218%
• Oils: $786K 13% 46%
• Shatter: $1.1M -1% -11%
• Vape: $8.4M 13% 87%
• Wax: $282K 13% 274%
Edibles: $6.9M 20% 71%
• Beverages: $262K 53% 255%
• Candy: $3.5M 18% 94%
• Chocolates: $1.2M 17% -6%
• Infused Foods: $326K 32% 36%
• Pills: $163K 37% 110%
• Tinctures: $1.5M 18% 146%
Topicals: $624K 14% 46%

–Dawne Morris
Passion Pusher


Much appreciated Dawne! Interesting to see how sales fluctuate over time. Do you think the negative changes from last year are due to prices for cannabis falling, or demand for cannabis falling?

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@Proteus420 Where did this information come rom?


This informations is gathered from the mandatory state reporting. It is gathered and disseminated by several groups from the POS systems that report for the state.

There is probably a small 1-2 point margin of error but overall what we have seen with many of our Oregon businesses it is pretty on point.


@Proteus420 Thanks for the additional info

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