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Organic certification?

Since cannabis isn’t covered by the USDA organic certification, have any of you pursued any of the alternate certification programs out there? What was going through the process like?

Also, here’s a couple interesting articles around the difficulties with cannabis and organic certification:’s-organic-marijuana-industry-that’s-hard-question


Another interesting article on “organic” cannabis and alternatives to pesticides:


Washington State just approved a state organic certification:

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That’s a tricky legal line to cross. The USDA is technically in charge of organic programs nationwide, so I can see a legal battle over this.

Yeah they might use a separate term to avoid confusion with the USDA certification.

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A good article from National Geographic on the challenges around going organic:


Ya I’m stoked on this. While I didn’t used to support usda certification when I sold high grade veggies to chefs or farmers market.

My philosophy is that an organic certification only certifies that a farm is not doing things. It does certify what things are done. S

So one could not use Bad stuff while not using good stuff and have a shit product. However this was easily explained when I could sell direct.

In the current cannnabis market I won’t every get to meet most of the folks whom buy my product at a retail. The retail stores in large part don’t get it and pay very low wages to bud tenders that don’t get it or don’t care cause it’s just a job after all.

So In this scenario I think an organic certification will do me good. I have applied to be on the rule making board for this process. Hope I get chosen, I think it would be really good.

Also cannabis has the opportunity to teach the world about what truly regenerative farming practices can be and how we can not only achieve the yields of conventional but exceed them will less and less inputs or interventions. Along with all the testing, in a decade or so we should have some solid information that will I believe change the perspective on growing.