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Organic growing

As the inventor of licensed dispensaries I have searched for truly organically grown MJ for years. Who on this list is growing organically and are you available for a seminar for locals in Marin County? Thanks!


Greetings - Yes! It does exist! There aren’t many of us, but up here in The Emerald Triangle there are a few of us doing it right. We are Swami Select ( and we are all about growing with organic methods (Clean Green Certified) using regenerative techniques in living soil. We are also DEM (Dragonfly Earth Medicine) certified. We are also all about education - check out our video series “Smokin’ With Swami” on You Tube and other social media. We regularly attend conferences and speak about the benefits of Clean Pure Organic Cannabis grown in Full Sun. We come originally from San Francisco and have lived up here since about 2000. We would be honored to share some clan cannabis wisdom with folks in Marin. With High Regards and Thanks for what you have done for the cause - [email protected]


Don’t forget about third party lab testing. Who are also certified by the state to test your products. Especially now you are regulated in California to do so To protect your patient and after January 1st your consumers. You should be testing throughout the growing process. It seems that a lot of growers are done playing that part of the business.Using the word organic in a liberal fashion.


@AndrewBlack I think this post pertains to your industry. What are your thoughts on this post?

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