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Organic Nutrient Recipes

Hello fellow growers,
I have been running Cutting Edge Solutions nutrient line with Coco Coir with fantastic results. I honestly loved using CES line, but now I want to run my grow completely organic. I am looking for organic nutrient recipes from start to finish for commercial production. I am interested in diy as opposed to bottled or commercially bought. Not that I am opposed to commercial, I am concerned about cost. Soil based or Coco Coir, top dressing, compost teas. Anybody want to share? Thanks growers, I am looking forward to this conversation. Happy Growing!


@mike4 from Key to Life has a line of organic amendments that are pretty great. I especially love the powdered unsulfured molasses, it’s really easy to mix in reservoirs compared to liquid molasses.

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You should check out @BioNatural-Amrit in conjunction with your organic fertilizer schedule. Amazing microbes to breakdown those organics.


Hey @mikel ,

We have a 100% organic microbe based solution that can really help in your grow. Our main line up of NPK consist of live microbes in a dormant form until the bottles are opened and exposed to oxygen. They are super concentrated and bacteria based, a 100mL bottle covers up to an acre when mixed with 5-20 gallons of water. They work great in soil and coco coir. We are also extremely cost competitive, our starter pack is only $44.99 and covers up to an acre. Please check out our website at If you have any questions please let me know.

Thanks @Farmer_Dan



I know you said that you’d rather stay away from commercial lines because of cost, but I’d recommend looking into Growth Science’s organic line. It is a great kelp based organic line that is completely fertigation friendly (dosatrons, injectors, emitters etc.) and also happens to be the most inexpensive organic liquid nutrient line you can run.
As a side note, if you run coco make sure you pay attention to your calcium needs. Coco can complicate it.