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Our Newest Licensed Producer Greenhouse

This is our newest product from Forever Flowering Greenhouses

The LP was designed after decades of cultivation experience for production, efficiency, and workflow and built for longevity, effectiveness, and reliability.

With a 3:1 ratio of Flowering:Veg, a central corridor for equipment operation and clean and secure movement of plant material, mechanical and passive cooling and ventilation, screened entry vestibules providing even more plant health security and over 80% reduction in concrete costs (when compared to other leading greenhouse designers) during construction, the LP takes the guesswork out of greenhouse design and only provides solutions for your continued success.

The 80% reduction in concrete costs during construction is due to only putting concrete in the footings and central corridor instead of needing to float a slab for the entire structure.

The LP is known for its value in high volume production facilities and high wind/snow loads.

When combined with optional ground cover, rolling benches, bench heat, supplemental lighting, and dehumidification the LP is the ideal structure for year-round production and for covering large areas under a continuous roof.

The entire structure can be designed for flowering only placing the veg stage of your plants in another structure.

The LP comes in 5 different widths; 18’, 24’, 30’, 36’ and 42’.

The LP has 12’ on center columns and truss spacing which emits more light and gives more freedom of movement.

The standard Eave height is 14’.

Optional eave heights (10’ and 14’) may be available upon request, though may require custom engineering.

The LP utilizes passive cooling technology through its use of side wall and double ridge vents.

This structure comes with a 6:12 pitched roof.

The LP specializes in condensation control through the structure’s unique condensate controlling purlins, air circulation, efficiency for low winter sunlight, and shedding snow to decrease snow loads.

The LP provides the highest vertical cultivation space and is capable of being gutter connected to meet acreage size dimensions.

The structure is built to last with 4" square sidewall columns and knee braces to provide ample wind and snow loads.

The LP vegetative space can be glazed with sheet metal and insulated for use as an office or warehouse space instead of using it as a vegetative area while still being connected to your growing environment, creating a more fluid and secure work environment.

Check out our Licensed Producer Video

Please feel free to contact me @Emily with questions.


Key Benefits to our greenhouses:

Instructions included.
Tubular galvanized steel.
Tube ends are pressed and holes are punched.
Fasteners included.
4” square 8 gage sidewall columns.
2 7/8” or 4” diameter interior columns on 12’ centers.
12’ on center column and truss spacing allow for more light, growth, and movement.
Eave heights 10’, 12’ and 14’.
6:12 roof pitch aids condensate removal.
Mechanical and passive air circulation
The low angle roof that is ideal for winter lighting.
Meets NGMA (National Greenhouse Manufacturing Association) standards.
Custom engineered for high snow and wind loads.
Ideal for commercial applications with gutter-connected options.
Considered a β€˜Dry House” due to its built-in condensate controls.
With dual ridge vent and side vents, this structure can cool passively.
Glazed with twinwall polycarbonate
Side and end walls can be glazed with sheet metal and roof glazed in polycarbonate making for a discrete looking greenhouse.
Available with FFG’s Auto Flowerer automated light deprivation kit with manual override.
Can be glazed with sheet metal and insulated creating a connected processing facility, head house, office or warehouse.


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