Our own selection. Early flowering variety Pandora - Jamraz. Breeder - breeder. outdoor. (51°N.W)

Sowed a plantation of his early flower variety Pandora - Jamraz. I have been growing for many years, we will breed by free pollination. The following varieties participated in the selection: White Widow, Easy sativa, White Donbass, Pandora.

I’m starting to write a grow report on him. To look at its growth, flowering. Checked.
The plantation was not fully dug up. And separate holes. Standard mineral fertilizers - Yara Mila, Carbamide. Slug pellets.


And pictures of the Field Orchid (Platanthera bifolia (L.) Rich) - has an amazing smell. And strong. Which intensifies in the evening.
Which grows a lot in those places …:


And this is what they look like now: