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OzGrow Journal - 2nd Grow - White Widow and Super Kush

Hey Guys,

Thought I would track my progress for this grow. Love to hear your guys tips and opinions along the way.

I was going to go from clones this time but had a delivery from The Vault of 65 seeds so decided to give seeds another shot. I received 10 x Dutch Passion White Widow, 10 x Dutch Passion Power Plant, 10 x Dutch Passion Amnesia Haze, 10 x Phoenix Seeds White Widow, 10 x Big Bud x White widow, 5 x Big Bud, 5 x Super Kush and then 5 various free seeds.

For this next grow I planted 5 x DP White Widow and 5 x Phoenix Seeds Super Kush. I soaked the seeds for 24 hours in water and most of them already started to pop in the shot glass. Chucked them in to some rock wool and the first one sprouted in 24 hours. 3 days later and 7 of the 10 have sprouted and another is just popping through now. I actually only need 8 of the 10 to sprout if all 10 sprout will take 2 of the best as mother plants.

This is my favorite part of growing anything. Seeing them pop!!


@ozgrow. Off to a good start. Love the new babies. :+1:
And welcome to GN. Plenty of knowledgeable folks here in all aspects And styles of growing.
Good luck with your grow. :wink::v:


Awesome lineup of strains, and looking forward to seeing them flourish down under. Cheers mate.


I’m still approximately 2 weeks from harvesting my first grow of white widow, granddaddy purple and girl scout cookies. I’ll do things different this time. My current grow is a bit messy. Had a few problems which I explained in another post. So the plants have kind of just done what they want. Still have some nice fat colas looking juicy in there.

I want to try mainlining this time around and want to keep the grow in check a little better. Take what I’ve learned from the first grow and apply to the next one. I’m also building a new grow space. Just waiting for all the items to come in.

I bought 2 x budbox elite white tents 5 x 10. Currently I am growing in 1 Seahawk 5 x 10. Going to convert this tent in to a veg tent and run 2 flower tents. We will start building the room soon, I’ll keep you guys posted. Tossing up on the lights, currently running 4 x CMH lights but was thinking about doing a DIY LED build for 1 of the flower tents and the 2 veg tents. I might start another thread gping through the options.

Anyways going to be very busy over the next few weeks putting all this together.