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Packaging makes all the difference ! Chocolate packages

Wanna have a piece of chocolate ?



GNET :green_heart: Chocolate :heart_eyes:

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Thanks for this post Elise!

Your packaging makes me want to purchase those chocolates brands :yum:

I agree with @Growernick. We :heart_eyes: chocolate here!

I like the consumer ingredient labels and the versatile designs.

Looking forward to seeing what @chocoley and @elbesedibles thinks of your packaging.

Happy chatting and growing!

Success Coach

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Hey Elise,

We also have @cannacomedibles, @strictlyediblescolle @somamdchocolate, @upsideedibles, @americanbakedco, @sweetjaneedibles, @sweetgrasskitchen, @cumuluscandies, @hydroponicchef and @biscuitsofcolumbia in our community, and I would really like to hear some feedback and educational insight from them all on this post as well.

I can see that it has been a while since you all have visited our growing community and I would be more than happy to see some content from you on your various creative packaging for your edibles brands.


~Happy growing and chatting!~

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Chocolate and candy packaging is leading the way in consumer packaged goods for sure.
Few of my favorite candies:

Non-cannabis chocolate: