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Paid Survey Opportunity for Professional Growers

Hey @growopowners ! Scholarly GN member @akinney is currently conducting research at the University of Arizona, and he could use your input! I’ll let him describe it in more detail…

“Interested in having an anonymous and confidential opportunity to describe your experience in the cannabis industry? Cannabis professionals in retail, cultivation, distribution, analytical lab testing, patient certification, consulting, lobbying, and legal are being recruited to participate in the following survey as a part of a dissertation project at the University of Arizona. The survey only takes 20 minutes and eligible participants that successfully complete the survey will receive $20 USD compensation for their time and effort.”

Click the link to get started:


Thanks @chrisD!

I’ll be hanging around the forums happy to answer any questions you may have about the survey up front. If you would like more information about me for legitimacy purposes, you can find my personal website here and my school webpage here.

Thanks in advance for all who participate.


Survey done.


Hi Jim,

At the end of the survey there are instructions on how to receive compensation, please reach out to me directly at [email protected] Thanks for participating!


Thanks so much to everyone who has participated so far. I have sent out follow up emails to some of you about attestation and compensation forms. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Hi all,

A couple of reasons have led me to suspect that people are exploiting this post as a way to try to scam the survey for compensation without actually being in the industry. Going forward if you are a GNet professional who would like to participate in the survey (and just for the record, I would love if you did) please inbox me here when you complete the survey. To the honest pros that completed it so far thanks again!




Lol. There are some strange characters here for sure. You would be surprised the DM’s I get.


Well, I am 99% certain that whoever tried to scam the survey doesn’t actually have an account here. That being said I’ve found this forum to be full of solid professionals personality traits aside.


I did this over the phone with you last year right?


@MK3_Pharms That was phase 1 which was the interview portion. This is the final phase of data collection for the project. The current survey wouldn’t have been possible without your help! Thanks again.


Always happy to help

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