Panama -- Malawi x Panama

pannnig to run these Lansrance strains __ Anything I need to know before germination ?? all infor welcome


100 % sativa 11-12 weeks inside flower time outside End of October / Early November

so inside it will take time but should be worth it, it is billed as a real

F1 Sativa and it is ACE seeds work

I have liked the stuff from ACE, I post with them somewhere else and they appear to

be sincere about their work

but lots of Landraces some are untamed

all the best keep us update I have a Cherry Malawi x Kalichakra I want to

grow if I live long enough

be safe and grow well



“if you live long enough” meani you have many. many seed to grow !! right !! same here - I’m wiling then top my sone when I go to the BIG garden in the sky. Thanks for theinfo Going to run Blackberry ( from Sativa Strains) can’t find any info on it - this seed is about 15yrs + old - Cherry Malawi x Kalichakra sounds interesting - Got 2 packs of Thai x runtz --really want to give thena run also. What’s your take on Dr>GreenThumbsSeeds ? he has a very good Panama and Malawi strain + many others


I have lots and lots of beans :slight_smile: mostly regulars or maybe feminized ones of the regulars

25 or 30 seeds packs ones I really want and 10 seeds packs of ones I am happy to even get

100 packs of different pollen chuckers for different genetics, males bring half the fun to the


traded beans for beans it is well worth a roll but six plants slows shit down to a crawl for

working beans

not the end all be all but can help, I have some of these Blackberry Spacewreck

I have some Black Alien MAC x Runtz in flower right now

never heard bad so that is a good thing :wink:

grow well and be safe



Thanks !! can’t find it listed any were, -Guess it will be interresting to ruin it . again thanks for your help. want ro it with the “sativa’s”. NOW my only issues is germination - this is a old gal Super Sativa must have quit “making it” reason why ? - guess I will find out