Penguins Guano

Who knows what does penguins Guano to the Cannabis plant?


We played with lots of types of guano in plant nutrition classes. They all have pluses and minuses.

I have used chicken, turkey, bat, cow and elephant shit as a gouno sources. Plus we had a standard tea. We compared to a target inorganic profile. We grew mums and poinsettia as our targets 1000 plants for each batch.

The plants grown side by side. All plants looked great, with exception of the cow and elephant shit. The inorganic had a more conconsistantcy from plant to plant. Each group you could find specimen for blind judging.

The judges could not find any faults with the finished products, except for cow and elephant.

So this leads me to ask, First is goal of your Grow? Organic or inorganic.

Organic all the way

  1. Guano asva source tends to have a very consist profile.
    Personly, I have used bat and chicken guano.
  2. Guano, dictates how you grow.
  3. Guano, is easier to manage nutritional profile over the tea makers.
  4. Nutritional management is still a bigger challenge over inorganic.
  5. I have seen really great organic cirtified operations. The best where had great chemist at the lead. Rearly, an amateur growers. Consistenty from cycle to cycle is just more work way more work for the organic grower. If your organic you have to have a market that pays more for organic prices.
  6. Tempature management become more critical to converts the nitrogen in to a form that is plant usable. Tends to need more consist root zone Tempatures, a bit higher than I like, for Canabis

If you are not growing organic but reasonable IPM with lower total imputs.

  1. Inorganic fertilizer are less expensive for every source of nutrition.
  2. Easier to produce repeatable crop, cycle to cycle.
  3. Easier to pick grower Tempature ranges or optional growth patterns.
  4. Easier to calculate as a commodity.

For me it is what is your market. The plants don’t care where the nutrients come from as long as they are in the source they perferd for absorption.

If you can get a premium for organic go for it! Money is the great equalizer.

From the voices in my head.