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Permitted Trinity County Property! 18 acres

Cut and paste the link below to get all the details on this permitted property in Trinity County. Contact [email protected] for all the details.

@mastergrowers @DispensaryOwners @growopowners @Investors


I need properties in Tulsa OK and 2 spots in Mass. If you don’t cover them, let me know. K?

Can’t use anything in CA.

David Gawitt

CannaSure Consultants llc

Golden CO

C: 203-621-4797


Hi David ~

Will check into this for you for sure!


Hi Dana,

Our group is building a lager scale industrial hemp plant in Colorado. We don’t need anything in Cali unless its’ exceptionally oriented to our needs which would be a place to put a 3,500 s.f. processing plant that will process 1000 lbs of biomass daily. It would need to be within close proximity to biomass fields (crop fields) to minimize logistical costs. The other possibility is a processing plant within the field itself. If you care to discuss, I’m available but really focused on Colorado now.

David Gawitt
C: 203-621-4797