Perpetual Harvest - How do the pros do it?!

I’m interested in learning more about the art of the perpetual harvest and how to apply it to my operation. Ideally we’d love to harvest a row (or two) every two weeks. I was just curious how the pros do this in a commercial environment consistently. There’s a timing issue between taking cuttings, the flip and rooting the cuttings that I need to dial in I assume. I did read an article that listed 32 steps to do this, but I’d rather hear it from someone who actually does it. From the horses mouth so to say. I understand my strains play a big part in the success of this too and I’m ready to learn!

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If you’re trying to do it from the same room it get pretty difficult. If you have any outbreaks in that room it really gets bad. If you have have 4 flower rooms that are independent, that’s how most would do it. Harvest a room every 2 weeks in that scenario. If you have 2 rooms you harvest 1x per month. But from the same room that’s tough


I’ve got 4 flower rooms appx. 1000sf a piece.


That space makes it much easier. Just plan out your veg/propagation schedule approximating for the amount of time your plants need to spend in vegetation (normally 4-8 weeks). You should plan on taking clones every week or two with that facility. Assuming an 8-10 week flowering time, you should be putting vegged plants in your rooms every 2-3 weeks and, likewise, harvesting every 2-3 weeks. Once you establish this schedule, your facility will be on a perpetual cycle.

The benefit of the perpetual cycle is it minimizes some of the labor load spend doing certain tasks by compartmentalizing many of the jobs. We do this in our facility and have managed to break the workload down considerably. We also are able to manage harvests and keep crops fresher while minimizing the need to hire additional trimmers because we are not dealing with one windfall crop every 8-10 weeks.


@Growernick this is exactly what I wanted to see, thank you! Right now we’re a 3 man crew and the days are long. I figured by creating a perpetual harvest by rows instead of rooms it would make things more manageable. I’ve got a lot to learn on the production side of things in terms of keeping things efficient and cost effective.


Absolutely it will make labor more manageable! My advice with your crew is to break tasks down according days (ie. Monday is clone day, Tuesday transplants, Wednesday pre-harvest defoliation, Thursday is harvest day, Friday is clean up/room flip and a BBQ and smokeout (you know, because we’ve all got to eat, and a crew that breaks bread and breaks out the buds together is a close team that stays together). You catch my drift :wink:

Assign those tasks according to skills and preferences, but be sure to rotate every so often to minimize the monotony that invariably accompanies cultivation life. This is not glamorous work, it’s farming. We all get bored with the same chore, so be sure to shake things up!

PM me if you want to schedule a call to talk facility logistics. I am down to help make your job easier and your harvests bountiful. :evergreen_tree:


Man, I love Gnet. I’ll get at you for sure and I truly appreciate you extending the olive branch. My partner’s and I left everything behind to pursue our passion in cultivating. However, there’s definitely a lot to learn going from a 20 light op in a garage to a 150+ light op with 7 zones to run. Talk to ya soon!