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Do you have a quarantine area? Others plants unless you know their grow super well, should be set aside and given a bit to ensure your not polluting your grow.

Males, bugs, and molds are what this is for.


Yes i have it set aside from my other plants i sprayed it last night with some insecticide hopefully that get rid of any bugs any suggestions on how to deal with mold if it comes my way?


Kinda. It’s dependant on your environment, genetics, and what your feeding cycles vs them drying out are. So many variables on that matter.

Fans. Plenty of air flow ( room in tent, defoliation) and be diligent on watching the newbie. I didn’t show any signs until flower. Messed my whole grow up. All of a sudden entire plant was covered.


Yes i just had a plant turn male over night

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Updated photos growing really fast


You are journaling very well. Your next grow you won’t have any questions on the development process. You will know!


Woke up to a pleasent aroma this morning at first i thought it was my joint but nope it was my plants and boy do they stink like a skunk lol i hope everybody that does see this has a beautiful day today, cheers