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So about these spots. Can’t wipe it off, can’t rub it off. Someone said that this is because of a leafsucking insect but couldn’t tell me which or what to do about it.
The leaves affected are all in the lower part and become more affected the closer they are to the (main)stem. Preditory mites(against spider mites) were in use before and during the newly effected area. Please assist because these are for medicinal use and long awaited for. The plants aren’t flowering yet but should be close.

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A great app I found is INaturalist. Take a pic and looks in a database if you can’t find the culprit

Is it mold? Hard to tell in those pics Have you seen any bugs on them? Could be a disease potentially



Leaf septoria or maybe just spider mite damage.??


I don’t think it’s mites or any bug I have ever seen


Yeah mites are like a reddish/orangeish color that I remember dealing with


Just to be clear we are all talking about damage from spider mites and not the appearence of the things themselves? Also I can’t find any white eggs or webbing. Ive added 2 pictures of what I thought were spider mites way earlier in the season.

The cali predatory mite was released just about 5 weeks ago. I would say the spots in the start of the topic are about 3 weeks old. But can’t say for sure because they are not at my residence and I can check up every 2 weeks(+weekly pictures).

Tried vinegar and the recent spots (in my starting post) do not dissolve, so I guess its not mold?

I can’t see any sign of leaf septoria. I can only find 1 weird leaf and have added an picture of it. Is this a sight of a deficiency?

I’m definitely gonna try the app. Couldn’t find any bugs tho. Just the usual grasshopper and a few flying insects but none that made we worried and definitely not multiple of the same species. Which is what I would expect with the spread pattern across the plant.

Also, the spots only appear on the underside of leaves that are already well into yellowing and dying. And personally I find the amount of leaves that are yellowing a bit much. Have added an picture of the full plants. Any thoughts on whether this could be an nutrient deficiency? The plants have been in their big pots for 2.5 months now and have exploded since then. (90L) I also didnt remove most of the underbrush because this has been an hellish year and I thougth, lets keep as much healthy leaves in case something goes really bad.

Pics of ?spider mites? earlier in the season:

Pic of the weird leaf(possible nutrient deficiency?):

Pic of general plant health(cut some off for privacy reasons):


@crikey yes I was talking about post mite damage. That one leaf shot I would def say was a deficiency. Beautiful overall pics

If you’re not seeing bugs, I’d lean towards deficiencies. Assuming you’ve taking pH etc

What medium are you growing in? You might have mentioned it, but I’ve already hit the Bong today lol…gotta love vacation



Woot woot enjoy every hour bro ,it always gos too fast;)

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