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Pest control

I have some very small white bugs in my tent. They don’t move fast and are very small. No plant damage that I can see and all plants still growing real well. Trying to figure out what they are and how to get ride of them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Can you get a pic in normal light

Also are they on the plant?

Diatomaceous earth around space and on top of soil usually does the trick for most bugs as a preventative

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I can try to get another picture tonight with normal light. There very small so it’s not an easy picture to get. They r also on the plant but don’t appear to b doing any damage yet

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Spinosad and azamax are great to treat with but you can go to the health food store and ask for food grade diatomaceous earth and sprinkle it all around your room and on surface of soil/ plants you will need to wash the plant after a bit tho.


@tdubwilly @dbrn32 @Growernick @missiles @Bogleg any ideas?


I agree if we could get pictures in natural light that would really help. I have my speculations but it’s better to be safe :wink:


I might suggest adding a barrier of cyfluthrin around your tents. It’s a chemical barrier that is safe for food storage and horticultural/botanical use. When insects cross the barrier they have a neurotoxic response. It sells under the brand name Tempo SC. It can be sprayed around entryways to the grow area and around the house as well. I’ve used it to keep scorpions out of my desert dwellings because scorpion stings suck almost as much as spider mite infestations :anguished:


avoid spraying any pesticides during blooming stage. you could instead take advantage of beneficial insects


Why should pesticides be avoided in blooming stage ?