Pest prevention

so I’m doing pest prevention before warm weather comes. An they have upper hand. So purchase some wall plug pest control for are house. It use low electric current to drive away pest. Has anyone use these in tent. Even if have not. What your thoughts on the idea. Or what idea plan for pest prevention?


Hey @banks420

I have heard of these but never actually used one or seen one in use. I did a quick search on youtube for reviews and this negative review was top of the results, with thousands more likes than dislikes. Check it out.

My plan for pest prevention is mainly keeping plants well maintained in healthy soil and environment. Using soil amendments like diatomaceous earth also helps leaps and bounds. Ant traps around the house/growroom help to. What was your outcome?

Some other good prevention methods for a range of pests including white fly are sticky mats:


I like sticky traps but they are more so for detection as they wont entirely rid your pest problem. But great to know what kind of pest you have because then you can buy some beneficial bugs and watch them go to town!


my husband buys all that stupid stuff he sees on tv. these were the biggest joke ever.i told him i saw a mouse unplug it and leave with it


That was the biggest laugh I had today. Thank you.