PH problem or nutrient burn?

Hey all.

What’s everyone’s thoughts? Is it a PH problem or a nutrient burn problem? I’m just waiting on my PH pen so I can’t give you the best information on that. Anything else I can.

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Are you watering with tap water? The tap water I have, the ph is too high. I was using spring water for a bit but then bought the ph balancing kit. I hope your pen comes in soon. That’ll give you your answer!


One could stop watering a bit and then start watering lightly with spring water! Evian is nice. Then you can assess if it’s better -start adding a light feeding if not then you can be sure it was PH, so you may need to use a buffer like mollasses or citric acid to get Ph between 6-6.5.


They look good to me. Think that leaf is just dying off? Other leaves seems to be healthy green

When in doubt, pH flush it out :joy:. Think you’re ok tho

The light green on top shows me signs of growth too



Looks like a PH issue. If using tap. Let the water sit for at least 24 hours before using.
Do you have a pH meter? Always try to keep the PH as close to the same as possible. PH fluctuations can cause issues. This looks like you have had inconsistent PH levels.
Nuet burn usually hits the tips of the leaves.
The one pic you show with the droopy fan leaves looks like over watering.
Try letting them dry out a bit. Be consistant in PH levels. Maybe cut those leaves like you do on clones.