Pink cookies grow Flower mode

How many grams do you think this will produce? Any flowering tips?


I mean can you tell us anymore?

How many watts in lighting do you have above them and how many plants in total do you have?


I’d say it is still very early to give a guess.

The strain does matter as well. There is a reason big bud is called big bud.

@tdubwilly’s questions are a good way to estimate, different strains will average different weight per square foot or square meter of floor space.

The light as well, depending on the light and the distance, you will need nearly 50 watts per square foot.

You might be able to get away with 25-35 watts per square foot with LEDs.

And don’t forget, what your plants can do has a lot to do with how much light they get and and how effective that light is for them for producing chlorophyll.


What week/day of flower are you on?
I would use carbohydrates to boost flower production on any flowering cannabis plant when you see many white pistils. Judging by your plants stage Id say start carbs in a week from now.
Use beneficial microbes to help protect the plants roots against bad pathogens. For example, I use recharge and OG Biowar.
At this stage foliar sprays should be avoided.

Look for signs of potassium or phosphorous deficiencies and apply bloom boosters when plants need them.
Silica helps branches grow strong and support weight.

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