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Plant Care

How do you currently maintain optimal soil health for your plants?


Try Great White it is a Mycorrhizae powder and works excellent in all media. Can mix with nutrients solutions or dunk your rockwool cubes in a mixture also.


I make sure to check my soil PH every two weeks. Besides the various things i add when blending my mix.


Great question…
To start off I am not a grower, I am a supplier to the horticultural industry.
I would invite you to check out our water treatment product Oxine WT at
We have decades of experience in making the highest quality water treatment products for many different industries, one being the horticulture/cannabis industy.
Our product is EPA approved for green house irrigation systems and is OMRI certified organic.
You want health plants, healthy plants require a health root system.
The easiest way to keep your root system happy and health is by keeping your irrigation system clean. A very low dose of Oxine WT at 2 ppm or less , as a preventative, will keep your irrigation system free of bio-film, and algae which we all know is the breeding ground for most water borne pathogens… Keep pathogens under control will definitely help you to maintain optimal soil health.

Again, check out the website, we have a recent testimonial from @Farmer_Dan that shows what Oxine WT is capable of doing for you.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

thank you,



Can strength be increased between growing cycles to sterilize? I recommend a ~ ph 2-2.5 acid solution, but requires equipment that can handle that.



Yes, definitely… you can mix up to 50 ppm to flush irrigation lines, 100 ppm to disinfect table tops and plant container 200 ppm and up for floors and walls.

No residue and non corrosive.

Oxine WT will do a better job than hydrogen peroxide at 10 times less strength.

Lots of information on our website…

Thank you,

Tom Johnston
Key Solutions Group



What products do you guys know of that contains both beneficial and remediating bacteria that work together to develop the perfect root zone?