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Plant looking very sad. Thoughts needed on droppy, curling leaves

Hi. This is an Auto that has just turned sad. Have had in red cup and just transplanted into pot. This plant looked like this yesterday prior to the move. My guess is over water, but has not really been sitting in water. Being very conservative. All the others look good. Love to hear your thoughts.


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@deusoboy420 might be able to help you here. He’s really good with autos! :nerd_face:


Absolutely brotha looks to me like overwatering was started indoors? I guess what i mean is did the environment change when you transplanted?


Very possible on the watering. Funny as its the only one out of the 7 going now to react like this. I’m germing and veging inside under a LED. Then transplanting to 5 or 7gl outside. That was yesterday. Today. some of those leaves crisped up and I trimmed off. I see new growth so will wait to see the recovery. Always a journey…Thanks


From my experience, there most likely would be more yellowing before crisping of leaves if it was over-watered. Also the perlite would probably be browner if it was over-watered. The crisping could be from something else though. I suggest going light on the watering, and light on the nutes for now just to be safe. That plant won’t be able to use much of both. The plant might not make it. If it does make it, bring the nutes back to 500-800 ppm when you see either vigorous growth or if the plant turns a lighter green. How did the roots look? How does the bottom of the stem look? If it’s outside, maybe put it somewhere it won’t get full sunlight until it’s healthy enough to handle full sunlight

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Do you wait for the top of the soil to dry up the first inch or 2 in between watering?