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Plants going great and then this

A big “thank you” to everyone that has assisted me in this venture; I am a newbie growing to extract CBD.
I have three “auto” plants that are doing great; two germinated on April 12 and the other germinated on May 4.
I inserted “#x” in each photo t identify it. Photo #6 is one of the April 12 plants and I assume it is nearly harvest time?
However, the other photos show brownish-yellow splotches that have appeared on the three “non-autos” that were also doing great. They germinated on May 14 and are almost 4ft tall but no sign of the beginning to flower (maybe it’s too early for those yet? I don’t know.) Photo #7 is from the same plants as in photos #2 and #3; you can see that #7 shows healthy, bright green new growth and that is all over each of the three “non-auto” plants.
All of the plants get at least 10-13 hours of light; either artificial or sunlight. I water with fertilizer when the top inch or so of soil is dry to the touch. I use a three-part fertilizer according to its mixture levels for the appropriate growth stage.
If you will please provide your thoughts and suggestions about the discolorations, I will certainly appreciate it!


By the old growth looks like you had deficiencies and then fed too much nutes? The tips look burnt and sometimes if you keep feeding them nutes there can be excess. So when you feed them again your adding extra nutes.

some spots look like PH fluctuations . So Nute burn and PH issues.
I could be wrong. What is your nutrient schedule like?
Have you checked soil for pests or molds?

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Your plants are telling you that they need P and Mg.

It could be the nutrients, or the ph of your water. Someone around here will be able to help you with that.

In the meantime, save these pics on your computer of phone to Dx your plants later.