Plants going into bud?

I live in Ohio and some of my plants are already going into bud cycle … is that normal

Yup! I’m in Michigan and mine are in bud. It. Is time if you’re growing outside. IMO…:green_heart:

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Dame I kinda got a late start not as big as I wanted them to get, i am bringing them in every night and putting them under a fluorescent for a couple hours will that get me by a couple weeks, I’m putting them back out befor the sun comes up, I have 4 more outside I’m just letting those stay out there I’m just trying this with 3

Mine too. And I’m in TX

Yeah that normal, mine are all flowering here in Boston. Some plants will flower earlier depending where they are placed in your yard. If they are shaded by a tree or wall and are getting less light they will flower earlier than expected.

How much do the roots grow when they are in bud. Do they slow down at all

Yes. What is weird mine started on July 2nd. I am harvesting in two weeks. remember to clean out the first foot of our branches to get a better harvest.

If you clean out the inside, you will have greater growth. Also, if you foiler feed you will have a greater response.

What exactly do you mean mine are starting to bud I should cut off some lower branches

Like the small ugly branches that don’t put off nothing