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Plants Other Than Cannabis That are High in Healing Cannabinoids

  • Echinacea is a cannabinomimetic, meaning it imitates the properties of certain cannabinoids. I know my mother swears up and down by Echinacea’s benefits, and now I see why.
  • N-Isobutylamides, or fatty acid amides, can act as pain inhibitors in a way similar to CBD.
  • A South African flower has high concentrations of CBG, which has some beneficial effects for mood.
  • A kind of liverwort found in New Zealand contains a compound similar to THC
  • Cacao (used to make coacoa and chocolate) contains anandamide, a mildly psychoactive compound that increases heart rate and can provide euphoric effects. Be warned though, anandamide is dangerous to small animals, and high doses can cause heart attacks in both humans and non-human animals.
  • Black Pepper contains beta-caryophyllene, which is also an essential oil found in cannabis. It has a mild therapeutic effect.

Opens up some interesting possibilities around combining some of these compounds with cannabis to target specific conditions.