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I started to dry my harvest and i have a bunch of mold i think is this bud garbage now ?


Oh, man. I am SO sorry! It’s just devastating taking our babies all this way and then stupid mold or whatever. I just found a little bit of bud rot and that was my nightmare, but I think mold would just destroy me. Did you keep track of humidity and temps and such? I’m trying SO hard to keep my grow going to the end. Scares the hell out of me.


Yes. I would not keep anything with mold. Unfortunately it’s trash. Unfortunately it happens. I’ve thrown out a bunch of moldy, or bud rot weed.


Thanks for the reply


This is my second time growing and last year i didn’t encounter anything like this. I’ve tried to go through most of it. I have some buds that look like ok but I can’t really tell ive removed the heavy molded stuff only for now


Absolutely! It’s unfortunate, but we all deal with it at least once! My best advice is just try to figure out what went wrong. To much humidity, lack of airflow, etc. And make adjustments for the next grow. Anything I harvest in the summer months is a worry. It’s just harder to keep the drying space dialed in. Without spending a bunch of money. Winter is way easier to regulate for me at least. Call it a learning experience and move forward.


No it is not trash if you have already thrown it away jt is! One of my buddies grows and he has been at It A lot longer than I have. And I don’t wanna tell you exactly how to do it until I find out so I’ll find out tomorrow it’s a little late now will say some to do with hydrogen peroxide and soaking the buds. He just told me about it a few days ago because he had the same thing happen one time but I can’t remember exactly how he told me to do it so I’ll come back home tomorrow after I ask him

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Be careful, your mate is probably using hydrogen peroxide ( H2O2 ) to remove the mold. It comes with a couple issues, such as removal of terpenes. Mold cannot be entirely removed and can lead to some respiratory issues if smoked.