Podcast Poll for the Pros!

Hey @memberdirectory !
What kinds of topics/discussions/guests would you like to hear about on our new podcast? Check all that apply! Reply with your own additions :grin:

  • Grow Tips
  • Cannabis News
  • Cannabis Law
  • Medical Cannabis Info
  • Genetics
  • Small Grows
  • Large Grows
  • Personal Stories
  • Science
  • Troubleshooting

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I get emails from growers whose Instagram accounts have been shut down. I’d love to talk compliant social media, if there’s an interest. :slight_smile:


Hi Chris.
I would love to discuss growers using grosens with Hugo’s and see what water content and dry backs people are using steering cannabis in veg and flower.

That would be incredibly helpful


Grodan’s commercial technical staff seem to be very conversant on this issue. Their wireless moisture measurement monitoring system is amazing if your have a spare 10K+ sitting around.

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