Police Kill Cultivator With Bulldozer

If you think cultivation can’t kill you…think again.

Gregory A. Longenecker was pronounced dead on Monday, after Pennsylvania law enforcement officers pursuing an illicit cannabis grow ran over the 51-year-old man with a bulldozer. In the immediate aftermath of the tragic incident, local officials have deemed Longenecker’s death an accident, while marijuana legalization advocates have criticized an excessive use of force in the minor cultivation bust. continued at

Pennsylvania Police Kill Man With Bulldozer in Chase Over Ten Pot Plants

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This is a whole bunch of 4 letter words strung together…

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I absolutely agree with you…I truly hope that it was an accident…it doesn’t bring the man back, but I would hate to think that they purposely crushed him…what a horrible way to go.

Where are the cops with there bulldozers to handle the pedo infestation in Pennsylvania?

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Bulldozers top speed 5 mph…