POLL: Who is still air-cooling their lights?

  • Air-Cooled SE
  • Air-Cooled DE
  • Liquid-Cooled
  • No Active Cooling
  • Other

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Air cooling while helping keep your room cool… Takes away from the actual spectrum of the light. So it is actually counter productive… use that energy ( as inline fans suck up some juice…) and get a little window AC unit instead. Stop losing spectrum. Those lights are made to run at certain temps for those spectrum. Your just taking away from your plants. Cool around it … dont cool IT.


Yeah, the drop off of people air cooling was very fast. Over the past year and half I don’t think we’ve done a single quote, room design or installation with anyone using them anymore. As MrClone said it’s a spectrum issue. Just keep things simple and have the barebulb and an air conditioning unit controlling the environment.

Brandon Kion
Excel Air Systems



Air cooling SE’s is one thing, the spectrum wasn’t severely affected by it and the BTU output went from around 4K to 2K. Good deal.

Air cooling DE’s is different, they need more heat to keep the output spectrum accurate, so air cooling takes them from 5K BTU to about 4K. Not worth the hassle to remove 20% of the heat and lose 6% of your lighting from the glass.