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Pond Muck Recipe

(Non-Scientific) please don’t blame be if this doesn’t work for you as well as it works for me. Here’s how I make my pond muck. I’ve done this successfully in the past. I use it with weed during veg and flowering for only my outdoor grows. I don’t use this with my indoor plants

I went to the pond near my house that’s hardly ever used. Ever. It’s too bad. The pond is amazing.

And I dug up a bucket of mud from the water’s edge near the reeds where no one goes. The mud had some reeds and stuff in it.

I brought the mud home and put it in this empty kitty litter bin and mixed in some water. I try to keep it in the sun, but covered with a t-shirt. If it smells like a marsh when the bucket is warm, you’re doing it right. Sometimes it will produce bubbles and look like it’s fermenting. THAT’S SCIENCE!

I stir the water around to stir up the sediment, then fill up a bunch of cups with the spoon. The cups all have holes near the bottom. I top off the cups with water/muck water sediment. And then let the cups drain for few days.

Then I flip the cups over on to some paper plates for a week or two. (Or until I remember)

Then they dry a bit longer in my soil-mixing bowl.

Then I smash them up when they’re crispy dry.

I want all of it. But I really want the powdery stuff on the right. And that little pinecone.

But I don’t need to use it right now, so I’ll store it in this bag until I need it.

(If I was trying to sell this as anything legit, this is where I would put my disclaimer.)

RIP Zero (victim of a brutal budrot attack in Sept '20). We hardly knew ya.


Hi @OlyBoy. Looks like a good plan, pond muck is filled with nutrients and can only add value to your plants.

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