Possible property for lease

Have properties may lease for grow any interest. Roughly 215 acres total. SE Oklahoma


Hey Iā€™m interested and I live here in Oklahoma what part of southeast Oklahoma are you in

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Talahina ok

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Dude, do you still have this property? I would be really interested actually. Are those 215 acres the total you are having? Or is it just a part of the entire property? In case you have more land, I would be interested in getting it all. And another question, you only want to lease it? I would actually like to buy it. In case you agree for the sale, I am calling for the conveyancing solicitors right now, and we can meet as soon as possible. I am really interested in this deal dude, in case you agree just dm me!


Whoa. I am insanely curious.

Not on here a lot. Have lots of intrest can text me at 903-486-1027

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