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Pot Bubble Burst

What are your thoughts on the cannabis bubble burst. I think with less greedy tax laws, continuation of legalized markets, a more stablized market that continues to develop. Its probably a damn good time to buy stocks in cannabis companies? What are your thoughts? Or even better start your own cannabis company!!

We were chatting about Malawi legalizing cannabis to recently and the rest of the african continent. Lesotho was the first african country to start a legal medical market. There has been alot of word saying that it has been a failure and a few days ago this article was published by Lesotho Times:

Medigrow ripping us off, locals alleged

MARAKABEI villagers are up in arms with medical cannabis producer, MG Health (formally Medigrow Lesotho), who they accuse of paying them as little as M84 per month each for land the company leased to set up its production facilities.

Villagers who have found employment at the medical cannabis also allege MG Health has reneged on promises to pay them at least M4000 salaries each per month.

The locals say the below market compensation rates for their land and the woefully inadequate wages have left them worse off than they were when they used their land to grow their own crops.

MG Health acquired about 66 land parcels from individual landholders to set up its multi-million investment in the Marakabei area. The leases are for 20 years and the company currently employs 345 people. Full Story


Don’t invest in stock… Market isn’t stable yet :wink:… Countries and states and cities and provinces now have a say in it …most legalized regions are still trying to figure out the big question …HOW?