Potential deficiency issue

Hey everyone!

Having a weird issue that just popped up with one of my plants. I had a small issue with spider mites on this plant but I think I caught it early enough so I don’t think it is related to that. Just watered and fed this girl nutrients a couple days ago and I noticed these dried wrinkly leaves today. Whats strange is its only of the front side of the plant so I feel like its possibly related to the fans however, I haven’t had this issue before and all the other girls seem find. Any help and advice is greatly appreciated! Much love :v:


It looks like a ph shock.

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Whatcha think @preybird1

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Yes, I do believe you are correct!

I saw this once before and it was rather inexplicable at first. Turned out to be a problem with the well where the water came from.

You are always on it dude!


At first look I thought that it was N overload…but it doesn’t look exactly like that either. So I will defer to those who have seen/had that problem.



Thank you so much for all your replies! That makes sense, I’m just surprised it didn’t shock the rest of my plants :thinking: I think my tap water is a little iffy as well, need to think about investing in some sort of water filter system.


I would say relative humidity and heat and not enough water. Causes this type of issue a bunch.