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Power of the Sun for Potency

Humidifiers, lights, generators - the hardware you need to grow your crop - are power-hungry. They’re necessary, but they’re noisy, expensive, and time-consuming to run and service. If you’re not powering them through fixed infrastructure, you’re constantly refueling them or replacing batteries.

Self-power is the name of the game. Our green-power platform, notable for its low environmental impact, allows you to run lights and humidifiers without the need to manually refuel, while the computing platform itself can act as a host for 3rd-party hardware and software, such as salinity and moisture sensors critical to farming; this data can then be used to alter farming conditions, creating more potent, verdant product.

Do you have outdoor power concerns and have 15 minutes to connect? If there’s someone else that should speak with me, would you forward this e-mail and copy me? Thanks in advance!

Reminder that V5 Systems will be hosting an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on the Growers’ Network Wednesday, December 5th at 10 AM MT.