Sooo, are the white pistols that grow on females only produced when flowering starts??
The term pre-flower: is this a stage that a plant can be in without growing any buds but still shows pistols?
I just noticed my Sour D fem has “preflowers”. The lights have stayed at a 18 on 6 off… last thing done was a topping…

I do not want her to start flowering this early but i can live with it… just wondering will she fully start to bud, or can she stay in “pre-flower” while she grows more?

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As long as there not autos then the regular veg time

What week are they in?

Those aren’t pre flowers just showing you sex congrats it’s a girl :metal::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::seedling::herb::palm_tree:… Veg her out 45 -60 days if you have room


Agreed! Those are the little growths you look for to sex, would be little balls if it was a boy ironically


Then what are pre-flowers? And how do they differ from full blown flowering?

@mouse935 week 5…

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Some strains tend to show their sex early, vs others @pressure_42o. As long as your not growing auto’s, those plant’s won’t start flowering till you change their light schedule. I do a dwc perpetual, and because how fast my plants grow in Veg, I take my clones from my plants after they’ve been in bloom for 10-14 days. So the 1st few weeks I have lots of new pistils growing. As long as my lights stay on long enough, the plants will never start growing flowers.
But again, as long as your not using auto genetics.


Give me a half hour and I will show you pics of flowers just starting. I have a blue dream that has been in the 12/12 light cycle for 1 week


Those will definitely start flowering soon now that you’re on 12/12… White pistils is what will start to happen… But the ones on 18/6 just showed you sex @RosinRocks if you keep it on 18/6 it should still veg… 5 weeks is getting ready to flip… 45 -60 is good lime I said by then the main branches should be established and then comes the cola buds during flower :grinning:

Nice lady bugs btw :facepunch:

Ty, our little weed protectant army!