Presenting LED Cultivation's Animated Business Portfolio!

I’ve developed an animated Parallax-Styled Business Portfolio hosted on (LED Cultivation’s Business Portfolio) to showcase what our company is, and to offer a public site where people can contact us in regard to our project. We are currently looking for additional funding, as we are very limited in respect to our plans and the finances we have available to us. However, we welcome all questions that come to mind through viewing our portfolio! This site serves as a thorough outline for what LED Cultivation is, and what our plans for the future look like.

You can access the site here

We look forward to answering any questions one might have about our project we’ve been developing for 2 years now. This is our first delve into the start-up world, and we are learning the lesson that sourcing funding to fuel your company is a requirement to have a competitive edge in today’s business world. We hope to get our project in front of the right eyes, and to develop partnerships which can fuel our plans to make LED Cultivation a benefit to the entire Cannabis Community.


And of-course we want to include @ThoughtLeaders since part of our interest in attaining outside funding is to expand our team to include professionals in this industry which can benefit our project. We developed this with a small team, but our plans require much more than that.

If you want to contact us directly, please email [email protected] - We will promptly respond to all messages.