Privacy stickers & basic clone transition

Has anyone tried using those vinyl privacy glass stickers, and if so does it let in the right/enough light? I can’t find a % of (non UV) light turned away listed anywhere.
I have 15 gallon fabric pots loaded up with soil and with 8lbs of worm castings in each and just learned I need to move clones to non-soil soil before I put them in soil. Can I clear out a section at the center of the pots put a quart of soilless propagation mix and a little rooting compound in there, then plant the clones I bought in the middle of that, or do I really want to gradually increase pot size?

Wakanda, Peanut Butter Breath, Lemon Haze, Legend OG, Runtz, Fritter Mints


Don’t take my word on it as I don’t have space to do alot of clones. The ones I have done so far have went straight to my medium once they had established root systems with no issues. Pretty sure @PreyBird1 clones enough to help…

If you plan on using light from the window to grow, you are probably asking for trouble. Even clear glass blocks some important light out. Covering it with anything will probably make it worse.


Wait they sold you un-rooted clones? If they have roots they dont need soiless mix. Roots are a go to plant in anything! If there rooted just transplant them into 3gallon pots minimum but 5 Gallon pots would be better. And window light is not going to work. These plants are among the highest light using crops on the planet. They are the ferrari of plants and need tons of light. If you go cheap on lights youll have a shitty airy harvest. I grow Runts and have been for 3 yrs. I like your clone where did you get it?


With the exception of the Runts (which had roots barely peaking out of the cube) I feel like the roots looked pretty good. The Sanctuary here in Sacramento sells them and their stock changes pretty frequently. I guess the law forbids the cloners from selling directly, and it also requires I not grow outdoors or in a greenhouse so I’m constructing a room that will have a roof of transparent greenhouse film. I hope that that’ll be good enough it gets pretty sunny here, tomorrow is going to be 90 degrees. Never had me no Ferrari before.

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Blegh, how much of a concern is that? I was planning on putting up a roof of transparent greenhouse film, but am I better off leaving the plants exposed to bugs and such through not having a ceiling?

No greenhouse film will be just fine. The first post kinda led me to believe you were growing by a window. If the clones are rooted you.can put them in whatever medium you plan to grow in.

Ah ty, I have a bunch of spare windows and was wondering if it would be worthwhile to make half the walls opaque windows. I’ve got some inkling how sensitive these plants are stage timing, even becoming hermaphrodites if I don’t get it right or if only the wrong light gets through. Here growing is legal but they can’t be visible from outside so I was hoping someone had tried something similar to walk that line in the past.