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Probiotic Farming & The Earthbox for Cannabis

Hello all. Just curious about the communities thoughts on Probiotic Cannabis farming and also Korean Natural Farming techniques. Have any of you tried it and if not, is it an interesting approach? I’m asking because I’d like to write an article on these areas but I wanted to see what real growers think about it in general. Here’s a short video of my partner Kevin talking about them, for some background.

Please let me know:

  1. Is it viable on a larger scale?
  2. Have you had experience with either approach?
  3. Do you think its interesting enough to read an article about it in the age of mega greenhouses and indoor grows?



@dpark reach out to the guys at Mammoth Microbes
Very cool company


@Taima @dpark The CEO of Mammoth Microbes is in the forum, say hello to @gregg :slight_smile:


A friend mentioned Earthbox to me yesterday. I’d never heard of it before.