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Problem? Is it excess or lack of nutrients? Thanks

I can only try to help… But give us a little bit more info… What’s your feeding schedule? What line of nutrients? What medium? Are you mixing your nutes as scheduled?

Have you checked for bugs or pests?

No bugs or pest!

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Age of plant
Grow medium
Feeding schedule
Ppm’s of feed
Ph of water and feed
Indoor? Or outdoor?
How do the new growing leaves look?

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This may help you but there’s nothing like hearing actual people’s opinions and learning from actual growers! You should try to give a little more info on your grow so these grow artists like hoppie, sick, Dev, Dave, Betty, Bird, rydah, packee, growin and the many others I probably missed can chime in

@santiago What’s your ph like?


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Lol🤣 technologically challanged.

Could be phosphorus deficiency.

If it was nutrient burn it would on all the leaves tips uniformly. I almost looks like something spilled on it and burned it. Is this plant outdoors as it apears to be on the picture?

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Ph. 6.0. Thanks man

Like said above, we need more info

Indoor or Outdoor?

Type of soil/brand

Any nutes ?

Pot size?

How often do you water?

What’s your light system?, how far up are they from the plants?

Ventilation system?

Fans/air flow?


I am probably missing something, someone elase will chime in i’m sure :wink:

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