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Problem with plant being treated with STS

I am attempting to produce fem pollen by treating an AH plant with STS. I previously treated a Durban Poison and produced over 300 fem seeds. Second spray on Wednesday of last week and flipped to flower on Friday, May 6th. Compost tea on all plants pH’d to 6.0 Saturday. Got up this morning and this was what was happening.

Everything is fine with sister on the left and the 2 big plants . I think it might be heat related and the spray made it worse. She is growing in rinsed and buffered coco. Should I flush?


I think I overdid the EC. I checked the pH but did not check the EC. Did a RO water flush pH’d to 6.0. If she doesn’t recover I’ll cut new clones and start again.


If I thought it was heat related the first thing I would do is put her somewhere cooler. If it was nutrients and you fed the same thing to all the plants, at least her sister plant should look the same you would think. I’ve never messed with STS so I can’t speak to that. :v:t3:


They react to a lot of foliar sprays. I use it every grow, but when you spray with Fulvic acid, they react too, not like that, but they get a little light green the next day or two. Then they go back to normal. I second Hap, water it good and put it in bright shade.



I just ran 5 gallons of pH 6.0, RO water through her and she’s sitting in the shade.