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Product Regulations for LP's in Canada

Hey guys!

So with our huge expansion in the Canadian market with our machines, it made sense for us to meet our clients demands to get into being a major supplier for pre-rolled paper cones as well. We’re now supplying both in the US and Canada. However…we’re still holding back a bit in CAN to ensure we know the exact rules & regulations.

***I don’t believe Rosin extract will be allowed outside of R&D, but if there’s any information on that, please let me know!!!

Could anyone help provide any information on…

Paper types approved: Rice, flax, organic, non-organic, etc.?

Sizes approved: All I have heard is up to 1g pre-rolls are allowed.

Branding allowances: Can you brand a logo on the filter? Colored filters allowed?

Thank you!



The 154 page document is only semi transparent being the federal act. Each province (think state for our southern members) will regulate the packaging acceptible there however in general they all seem to be leaning towards a blank no logo shell, inside can be branded but the exterior display is going to follow the newest tobacco rules eliminating even the nasty photos of the results of consumption can have on your health. So from our industry we lucked in that at least the shock effect used in tobacco is mellowed to little if any marketing branding. Best to hold off a while longer while the CCBO (cannabis control board of ontario) over seen by the LCBO (liquor control board of ontario) finishes its interpretation of the rules closer to the actual announced legalization for recreational use 17th of Oct 2018 regardless of royal assent earlier this week.

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packaging as a portal:


Thank you! The main thing is really the papers themselves. We don’t sell the packaging and only offer the cones, so the key information really lies in whether or not the cones can be branded and what paper compositions are allowed. Great information regardless, thank you :slight_smile:


Hey Jessica!

I am very happy to hear that you guys are willing to tackle this objective.
My biggest advice is this, move forward slowly and cautiously. I say that because regulationtions have moved around so much it can be hard to find a direct answer. Make sure to do your research and ensure you eliminate any loopholes that Health Canada can find, because they will try. Having a preapproval from them before moving to market with your products would be a great strategy. To me as a potential customer, that will attract my attention before anything else.
That being said, I do know a couple of things from my own research while developing our strategy and brand.
First, concentrates of all kinds will be allowed to be produced by those who hold the correct license, as long as they test free of solvents. We are seeing the market going away from BHO style extractions and going towards…haha, i aint going to tell you just yet. :wink: At least not here, DM me and I will talk to you privately and I can talk to you about trends in a way to help your market penetration.
As for labeling, that is extremely re:trictive. Things like being opaque, health warnings, a THC “stop sign” bigger than the company logo, and many other restrictions are all applicable. Here is the example Health Canada has released.

That being said, we are finding that difficult to scale down to things such as pre-rolls and concentrate vessels. There is just so much information that is required, how are we supposed to scale that down and still include everything, while still trying to stand out from a branding perspective.

To touch on your questions directed at pre-rolls, in my personal research, never have I seen any topic in the language included in Bill C-45 or the ACMPR that directly related to restricting pre-rolls. I cannot recall any memory in my 3 readings any mention on paper materials, size restrictions, or the process in which they are manufactured. The only restrictions that would impact prerolls directly would be the requirements on the vessel, and retail purchase limit on the consumer. A limit of 30 grams per transaction.

That is all that I can think of from the top of my head. If you have any specific questions send me a DM and I will be more than happy to help any way I can. I am no expert by any means, but I have been researching it for some time now and at least could help point you in the right direction.


Do you have references to this information about provincial authorities controlling packing regulations? I am only familiar with Health Canada having control over those rules from my research and would appreciate some insight into this complicated matter.


I feel your frustrastion. Most of my experience comes from enlightening adult students at the local college level in their persuit of trade licenses. Acts, Regulations, Codes and Standards became second nature enabling a real world translations to assist in the interpretations and applications. Being a Designated Grower since the conception of Health Canadas first drafts has lead me through varies sources relied upon when curriculmn standards and acceptance documents required updating. In an attempt to answer your question I wish there was an easy one…perhaps we need to add to the series "Navigating beaurocratic legislations for Dummies) I know I would buy it. lol But seriously staying up to date with the current postings and acquisitions of the current governing bodies is best and take the gossip or rumours with a grain of salt but dont discard them entirely. I was honoured to be part of the committee that created the supplemental training materials for licensed trades (34 modules) and embarrassed when they became the mandatory training packages. Acts and Regs all work thru the same mechanism and recognizing which ones come into play with others is always a wise bet. We all celebrate bill 45 and quietly at the same time the tobacco and clean air and condo regs get tweaked. I am not a marketer but in reading thru the legislation of changes to tobacco and alcohol show insight (yet still not definitive) into how our cannabis industries will fall in place. The sources are as varied as the number of strains yet the nature of government is to replicate. If you give me your email address I will CC you when permitted with info relevant to your marketing interests. Hope this helps. Ron


Hey everyone! Any updates? A client mentioned that the final rules and regs for the cannabis act were released but I cannot seem to find any more information than what was released the day of the passing legalization was announced last month.

We are ready to begin offering our Canadian pre-roll line (we can supply any paper type including organic, size, custom brand, etc. needed), but want to ensure we have all the information on pre-roll paper regulations before we take orders. Any insight would help :slight_smile: Thanks!!

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Send me a DM I have some info for you.