Product Reviews in Grow Magazine

Hello Everyone,

I will be doing product reviews in upcoming issues of Grow Magazine (available at any Barnes & Noble) of all things cultivation, drying, curing and storage for cannabis.

If your company would like to send me products for review, please feel free to email me at the address below.

Currently I am working on a rather long article about my transition from HID to LED and I am very interested in reviewing more of the latest LED technology available.

In addition to being included in Grow Magazine, I will also be including a suggested equipment lists in my next book about cannabis cultivation titled: GrowMEDICINE The book includes contributions from Dr. Lester Grinspoon, Robert C. Clarke & Mel Frank and will be released in 2019.

Happy Growing!
Todd McCormick


Email sent. Interested is an understatement.


Dear Todd,

I would like to meet you, assuming you will be in Vegas. I think what we have developed will amaze you. We are a new innovative start up from Israel that has developed a unique LED light solution hardware and software that has never seen before. We talk about BIG DATA, Fuzzy learning etc. I will be happy to share with you information on our EVA3 product. I will be in Vegas so we can meet for short ppt. that will follow with specs. sent to you.

All the best,

Eyal Ronen


Thank you! I will write you back tonight.


Hi Eyal, I added you on Skype - please say hi anytime as I will not be in LV.

All the best!


I can’t be in vegas but am very interested in your lighting.
Please reach out to me when you get a moment


Dear David,

I am now in Canada, what I suggest best is that we will switch our Skype users and schedule tentatively for a Skype call during my time in Vegas. During the Skype I will show you a presentation that will follow with a short mail with product description.

Skype: eyalronen10

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Todd hi,

Can we tentatively schedule to talk tomorrow evening over Skype ? I am now in Canada so I assume we are more or less on the same time zone.


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