Progress or no?

Hey guys, I’m back!
With pictures this time, let me know what you think :raised_hands:t4:


It looks great I would take off those big fan leaves to get more light to the cola sites not sure how far along in your growing lol


I thought about cutting them off, I think I’ll do that. Thanks for the tip! It’s about 4 weeks into flowering


Are your plants outdoors all the time? If they are, there’s no need to cut off the big fan leaves to let the light through. The sunlight is going to penetrate to all of the lower bud sites. As the plant matures it’s going to use up and drop those big leaves all by itself, exposing everything even more.

If you think the humidity and airflow are going to be an issue, I would certainly remove some of the larger leaves. Enough so air flows through the plants, decreasing humidity and the chance for mold or bud rot.


Okay I understand. I do have them outdoors all the time… and its pretty breezy I havent had mold problems ever… yet… lol


Cool. With your outdoor grows, you will probably notice what looks like deficiencies on your lower leaves… Don’t mess with them. The plant will take what it needs from the leaves, the leaves will get wilted/crispy, and they will fall off when you touch them or gently pull on them.

On my first outdoor grow (photos), I really wanted to defoliate because that’s what everyone else was doing. After being told not to do it (by another outdoor grower that I trusted), I didn’t do it. Lo and behold, they fell off by themselves a few weeks later.

That being said, I’ve never grown autos. It might be different with full sunlight. I plan on finding out myself this spring when I start my autoflower project. So I’m watching to see


Here’s the caveat… If I had to think twice about humidity or airflow, I’d strip those leaves so fast!

I had some FAT, bushy plants this past summer, but after the wild fires and a week of straight rain in September, I got bud rot and lost most (~75% of my harvest). I don’t think I would have lost as much if I had stripped the hell out of these plants before they went bad.


The rambling, analytical part of my brain tells me that autos would probably benefit from not defoliating more than photos, since some autos are sensitive to any kind of stress. But that’s just my own thoughts rattling around up there. :sweat_smile:


Sup snoop whatcha got there landrace? :roll_eyes::facepunch:t2:

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Wow, beautiful! I can dig it, I guess we’ll see with these ima leave them.
I have 6 new seeds down ima defoliate 2 and leave the other 4 to do its own thing and see if there is a difference when im to that point obviously…


Not sure what landrace is lol maybe im too high to get it right now. Hope i dont sounds stupid :rofl::rofl:

But im good though :call_me_hand:t4:


Outside stealth grow in the grass? Looks great, definitely a Sativa.