Progrower salary?

Do progrowers make $75-$100 an hour? if you had little to no grow knowledge, would you pay for a professional help you with your grow?


I usually see salary positions for head growers I’m not sure what it works out to hourly. How big is the grow? Number of light plants ect. If it’s a business you will %100 need an experienced grower as your trying to compete against other experienced growers in a saturated market. If it’s personal I would lean toward learning yourself with the help of this community and starting a grow journal here. If you are %100 dependant on the a certain amount of medicine from the first crop you should definitely get some consulting but you can get ALOT for free from forums ect


I found some head grower hourly data for you but it’s 2016 from Canada Head Grower - Cannabis in Canada | Wages - Job Bank


Thank you.


No problem always more then happy to help if you have any other questions just let us know Growers Network is usually extremely helpful. I
try to help alot of people with their grows and I would be more then happy to help you with yours if you ever start your own. I don’t charge money either, I see alot of “consultants” out there who will charge alot of money and don’t know what they are doing.


i’ll throw my two cents in as well.

I was a growers for two different recreational grow facilities and never saw anything close to even 50$ an hour. I ran a grow for a year and made only 23$ an hour.

The industry has no real standards of practice for employees (in the US it’s all run on a state by state basis, so nationwide rules are not a thing) so you tend to be at the mercy of whatever organization you would be working with. That said, there are some great companies, but almost all of them today want at least 3-5 just in the industry first.

Hope you find something good!


Yes I would