Propagation cups for preserving your best strains

If you are interested in preserving your best strains by cloning, why not try D&D propagation cups. Each D&D propagation cup is sealed, contains sufficient water and nutrients to clone your cutting or grow your seed.


You can clone in 3 steps:
1. Chop a stem from a healthy mother plant by making a sharp diagonal cut with a scalpel or razor below a leaf node. Then, make a small opening on the top seal just enough to fit the stem or seed.

2. Drop the cutting or seed into one of D&D’s proprietary cloning cups. Each cup contains liquid nutrients, which offers plants all the nutrients needed for fast and healthy root development. Easily track and trace each plant with each clone thriving in its own self-contained environment.

3. Just watch it grow! Grow each clone in its own sealed, maintenance-free D&D cup. Within 10-15 days roots will start to show and are ready to be transplanted. Carefully remove the plastic seal and transplant.

Also, D&D just released a new addition to their product with sustainable cups made with biodegradable cups and hemp cubes as a growth medium.

For more details, send me a message @ChigbuLLP or visit Check out their latest video on YouTube


Haha… that’s cool :grinning:


Very creative and well done but I’m not on board with sealing things up.
This has the start of anaerobic all over it.

I guess if the solution is ammonia or a potassium bicarbonate it will keep fresh but that calls for Hermie.
The solution is the most important thing to me.
I would need to know everything about it including MSDS.
For me, I would be interested in trying to root hardwoods like exotic hibiscus or wood from lemon trees. Have you guys tried something other than cannabis?
Not being rude but please educate me.
Have you tried mailing these?
Do you have some of these hemp cubes you speak of?


i would like to try a few of these, to see how well the work vs my normal method.


Same here, love to try a couple to see how they compare. Great concept to introduce for the industry.


Where are these avail.? Awesome meathod it looks like.


Thanks for the message and questions! We understand the resistance to having the seal, but it is what keeps young baby plants protected from contamination during root development which is key. It also helps create condensation inside the cup which makes it so much easier to maintain. You just drop your seed or cutting. No need to water.

We would love to send you some samples to try! Let us know if you are interested :slight_smile:


We would love to send you some samples! :green_heart:
Please email us the shipping address at and we can ship some to you asap.


Thank you for the comments :heart:

We can get you some samples on their way to you. Email us your shipping address to

If you are on Instagram, follow us @dndpropagation to view the comments and success stories of other users.

Here are the top reasons growers have switched to our cups:

Cups are easy to use and maintain: No need for hormones, mediums or nutrients. The cup comes fully integrated with an all organic, proprietary solution soaked medium. Ready to chop, drop and grow.

Reliable for growing seeds and cloning: The cup isolates the material from one another preventing spread of disease or contamination.

Practicable and Traceable: Track and trace becomes a breeze with our cups, as we can put the bar code on the side of the cup rather than the plant itself.

Cost Efficient: Because each cup already contains the growing medium, water, and nutrients, this helps save time and increase yields and profits.


DND Propagation cups are available at Large orders may qualify for a discount. Distributors can get up to 25% off the wholesale price.

Also available on Alibaba, eBay, and Amazon (Amazon Prime coming soon).


Does the container have a cloning solution included, like clonex? What’s the avg time your seeing root development on cannabis clones?


Yes, the cups already contains the nutrients and water to grow your healthy clone. Growers who have tried it, loved them and have been reordering since then. You begin to see roots within 2 weeks. It is quite amazing how well they work!


I’m definitely down. I will try hardwoods and softwood.


You wanted me to send cash for samples. Im going to pass. Figured samples would be free if you wanted growers to try them. No problem i have been doing clones for twenty years. so i guess no need to change anything. thanks for the info

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I followed protocol and paid for shipping and receive the samples quickly.
As I’m taking them out of the box, I see inside the cups some are more wet than others.
I look closer and some have no liquid some have liquid?
Some have a little liquid some have a lot of liquid?
The box was dry and they are all sealed up brand new.

I emailed the person from DnD who left their business card in the box, and showed them this photo and asked what’s up with the consistency?
It’s been about 1 week did not get a reply back.
In my own opinion and based off what I read on DND is that liquids have a shelf life along with their product.
Even though none leaked out of the cup, this unknown solution evaporated on it’s own.
There is no MSDS and they say it’s an organic NPK solution with hormones.

Read this before you pay for shipping.
I’m out before I can try them.

This i why we are here to fish out stuff like this.
Both the Rockwool and Peat/Hemp are like this.
Farmer K


Hey @ChigbuLLP , it sounds like some growers have questions about your samples. This is a critical time in your R&D process and your go to market strategy. It would probably be wise to work with these individuals to help fine tune your product based on their concerns. Just my two cents.


Dear Sir

Thank you for your comments and review of our new line of cups, which we are sharing with our valuable customers free of charge for testing. We are using various products in an attempt to find the best biodegradable medium for growing, since are all in a very “green” State. Your feedback is therefore very important to us.

As we had previously written to you, the sealing of the cup is our own special innovation and is aimed at ensuring that root development occurs in an environment free of plant disease. Our unique method is patented and we currently have a fully tested line of propagation cups made with Rockwool as the growth medium. We hope you will try this cup and give us an honest a feed-back as the one you just did with our experimental biodegradable cups.

We are currently experimenting with three different biodegradable growth mediums - coconut coil, hemp cubes and Agar. They are all at an experimental stage and because you kindly provided us an honest feed-back, we will like to have you test these lines of new products (free of charge) because it appears you are a dedicated farmer. The State of California is the “greenest” State in the country and we are working hard to maintain this reputation by producing sustainable goods. It appears you enjoy organic living so we hope you will continue to help us in our effort to produce sustainable products that are king to both the environment and the planet we live in.

We will be happy to have other volunteers for testing our experimental sustainable cups. Our next generation cups (the biodegradable cups) will be in 2 oz cups, will fit about 55 to 60 on a standard cloning tray and will be all biodegradable - the plastic cup/film, the growth medium and the nutrient. I hope you will be kind enough to test these cups and give us an honest feed-back, similar to this one. I hope you will also be kind enough to let us know if we got it right.

Thank you again for your feedback and we look forward to continued work with you.

Sincere regards,

Dnd Propagation Systems Management


Hi thank you for the info.
In regards to the solution level should they be soaking wet, damp or excess liquid?
I gave 2 of my Rockwool cups to a hemp farm to try out. They have lots of canna clones and will try them out for us.
I get it no directions when it comes to propogation but there isn’t any info about actually using the cups or what to do with them?
All I found was place the cup in ideal conditions.

I’m assuming the wood should just be above the water line in the cube.
Thank you,
When I get some feedback from the cannabis guys will let you know.

I’m still going to try hardwoods but I don’t have good wood yet. Waiting for softer younger wood over summer. Eww that sounds bad.
Kyle M


Dear Sir,

Thank you once again for providing us your valuable input. Regarding our cups, the rockwool usually should be soaked with liquid so it does not dry out. In certain conditions, the water evaporates and condenses hence we recommend a room that does not receive direct sunlight for the propagation or storage of the cups. The cup’s shelf life can exceed 18 months depending on the storage conditions. If stored under direct sunlight, we have heard that sometimes the water pools below the rockwool. This is why our response included storing in ideal environments.

We provide method of use but your question regarding directions for use points out the fact that we must include these with every order. Thank you so much for that suggestion since most users are not farmers and must be guided.

We are making improvements to the cups with our next generation of biodegradable cups. It is all because of involved users like you that we now know what the best cup should be. Our next generation of cups will not contain rockwool. Rather it will contain a semi-liquid seaweed by-product combined with a trace of plant nutrient. It will be much smaller (half the size of the current cup) and will be offered in trays that hold between 50 to 60 cups. For our California buyers, it will have a track & trace capability (we are working with California BCC to get this approved). Our launch time for these new generation all biodegradable cups is first week of June. Per our earlier email to you, we hope you will participate in the trials. Of course we will provide it to you at no charge (this will include shipping) because you have been of immense help. You can share it, just like you did with our current cups with your contacts and if you provide us contact information of those you work with, we can ship directly to them for test. Thanks again for your love of growing as much as we do.

Best regards,

DnD Propagation Management.


Thank you for the feedback and good to hear DnD is doing RnD looking to stay ahead of the game.