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Prosecutors are tossing more cannabis cases thanks to legal hemp

Distinguishing between cannabis and hemp is becoming increasingly difficult for law enforcement agencies, leading many prosecutors to toss out all misdemeanor possession cases. Citing outdated lab equipment as one reason for lack of ability to enforce established marijuana laws in many jurisdictions.
Harris County Assistant District Attorney Paul Fortenberry of the Major Narcotics Division says “The law now requires scientific testing that previously it did not”, which leads to a major issue if the lab in that jurisdiction is unable to distinguish between legal hemp and illegal marijuana (both of the same genus and species, mind you; the latter just has a little more THC than the former).

The D.A. Fortenberry continued: “So then the argument becomes: Really, you expect this jury to convict this person of possessing marijuana when the expert for the state can’t even tell you if it’s marijuana?”

These are interesting times in which we are living folks. When is the government going to give up the fight against cannabis? If this story from Texas is any sign, the answer is soon. Are you seeing similar incidents in your home state our county? Share with us!

Here’s a story from the local ABC broadcast station in Texas:


Maybe the prosecutor should have someone on his staff take one for the team and just burn one to see if it has any effect!
Half of them probably do so after work anyway.